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Ginny Tonic on Steampunk at the Renaissance Fair

In a recent update to the Charlie Tonic Hour website, Ginny Tonic shares a full look back on the Kentucky Renaissance Festival’s recent Steampunk, Magic and Kaboom weekend. During that weekend, Aloysius, Charlie and Ginny Tonic were on hand representing the Steampunk Empire Symposium, running the themed costume contest and meeting with friends, old and new.

Get all the details on the weekend in our past story here on the Symposium site then head over to the Charlie Tonic Hour where you can catch her take on the weekend. After that, stay tuned as later today the new installment of the show (episode #27) will go live with even more details and stories from the gathering.

The Charlie Tonic Hour serves up an hour-long, weekly show that will take you from alternative music to popular culture and from classic literature to our favorite drinks. Along the way, you will follow the interests (and adventures) of Ginny Tonic and Charlie as they explore the best things in our world when it comes to life, music, reading, technology, alcohol, and all the wonderful events they attend (and sometimes organize). The Charlie Tonic Hour is a Pandora Promotions production and can be found on the web at

Steampunk Goes Prada?

Over on BoingBoing, journalist and science fiction author Cory Doctorow points out that Prada’s fall 2012 menswear line is looking awfully steampunk. We agree.

Modelled by Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund, and Willem Dafoe.

Do you think this is another sign steampunk has begun to hit mainstream attention? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s discuss!


TeslaCon Unveils New Poster

Long time Symposium friend, Lord Hastings R. Bobbins unveiled a new TeslaCon 2 poster which looks amazing…

Click the image for a closer look!

Commenting on Facebook he explains, “We look just like a movie!”

The poster is the work of artist Bryan Arendt. During the previous TeslaCon, Bryan delivered a set of posters for purchase to attendee’s of the convention following the theme of Steampunk villains. Subjects of that set included steampunk Jack the Ripper, Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Fu Manchu, Jekyll and Hyde and The Invisible man.

Lord Bobbins and TeslaCon took part in the 2012 Steampunk Empire Symposium and you can look for our show’s organizers (and a host of our friends from around the Pandora Society) to be well represented at the upcoming November 30th – December 2nd show in Middleton, WI.

Not yet signed up for this year’s show? Tickets are selling fast so get yours and join us at the show. Details at

The Steampunk Tarot

Where the past and future converge . . .

With a turn of the wheel and a spin of the cog, the oracular machinery lumbers into action. The curtains slowly draw back; the time has come to reveal your destiny.

Created by award-winning tarot expert Barbara Moore and brilliantly brought to life by artist Aly FellThe Steampunk Tarot deck offers a glimpse of the future through a lens to the past. Retooling the gears of the Rider-Waite tradition, each card’s intricate artwork depicts a scintillating fusion of man and machine, nature and technology, science and alchemy, romance and fashion. The included manual offers tips, original spreads, and guidance in card interpretation.

This new tarot deck is being celebrated on blogs across the web and even turned up on Wired recently. Learn more by visiting Llewellyn, Overbury Ink or

Face of the Symposium

We at the Symposium are thrilled to have Bethalynne Bajema as our guest artist for 2013; her tarot print “The Tower” is the current artwork for our cards and flyers, but can you identify the beautiful women in the picture?

She is artist, model, illustrator, and polymath Eliza Gauger. Many know her best for her design work with Abney Park in the creation of the Airship HMS Ophelia, but Eliza Gauger’s works extend far beyond the Steampunk community.

We would like to thank Bethalynne and Eliza for creating such a fabulous image and allowing us to use it for this limited run of flyers.

Look out for new designs coming in the near future (that neverwas).

Steampunk, Magic and Kaboom

See you this weekend in Eminence, Kentucky as Aloysius Fox and the Steampunk Empire Symposium take part in the Kentucky Renaissance Festival’s Steampunk, Magic and Kaboom weekend (June 23rd & 24th, 2012). Aloysius will be greeting guests and overseeing the Steampunk Costume Contest this weekend.

The Highland Renaissance Festival is a permanent Renaissance festival located on former farmland in Eminence and set in the fictional early 14th century village of Briarwood in the Highlands of Scotland in the time when Robert the Bruce ruled.

The festival features vendors and artisans who offer an assortment of hand-crafted items. During the festival, a cast of actors portrays life as it would existed during this time. Stage entertainment includes a mud show, storytellers, a renaissance-themed science show, armored jousting, a circus-style sideshow and musicians performing historical and original songs. Throughout the festival there are family oriented activities such as craft demonstrations, human-powered rides, games and shows. An enclosed pub provides food, drinks, and more.

International Steampunk Fashions

We’ve noticed a new book you may want to check out. International Steampunk Fashions is now available for preorder (currently 18% off the cover price) with an anticipated publication date of January 28th, 2013.

The book description reads…

“Climb into your steam-powered time machine aircraft for a tour of the fashion world, steampunk style. This fashion backward collection features hundreds of intricate, creative, and visionary steampunk designs from top names in the business and fans from around the world. Presented in high-quality fashion photography, the looks in this compendium include head-to-toe Victorian-era style coupled with futuristic, sci-fi concepts, as well as hats, jewelry, and other accessories. With fashions from as far away as Europe, New Zealand, and the Americas, this volume celebrates the diversity and innovators of this international phenomena and showcases works by contributors such as G.D. Falksen, Everlyn Kriete, Jon Magnificent, Steampunk Couture, Lex Machina, Lee Ann Faruga, Daniel Proulx, The League of S.T.E.A.M., Cris Ortega, Jema Hewitt, Dim Horizon Studio, Starkall, Empire Art, and many more. Complete with a foreword and “”Steampunk 101″” by G.D. Falksen”