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SteamCraft Stands Funded

Do you enjoy role-playing games? Perilous Journeys Publishing, the creators of the upcoming game SteamCraft just completed a very successful kickstarter campaign raising $7,091 for a campaign which had an initial goal of $5,500. This campaign will allow the company to produce the very interesting sounding rulebook for the system. The book is set for 216 pages and will be printed on high quality white paper, casebound (hardback) and the binding will be smyth sewn.  This looks like it’s going to be a high quality publication to say the least.

SteamCraft is a skill-based steampunk tabletop role-playing game set in an alternate world, where gears, goggles, and coal-powered airships dominate life.  It is a world that mixes the scientific wonder of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells with elements of gritty, futuristic cyberpunk.  SteamCraft is inspired by late 19th century Earth, where steam power dominates, and the industrial revolution is in full swing. While much is similar to this time period on Earth, technology is more advanced due to the completion and use of the difference engine. It is a world in conflict between the old ways of magic, new technologies, and those who attempt to meld the two for profit and power. For humans, dwarves, elves, and other races, it is a time when society threatens to plunge into either a dystopian future controlled by corporations and authoritarian governments, or one where individuals use information and technology to bring about a better future.

Check out their recently successful kickstarter campaign and their website to learn more!

The Third Annual Archon Picnic

Once again the Airship Archon of Columbus, Ohio is set to gather for food, fun and Nerf action at the Park of Roses at Whetstone Park. This is the third year for the Annual Archon Picnic and, as in years past, this will be a potluck picnic so bring something to share. The group plans to meet at the first shelter house in the park unless someone claims it before them. If that happens, look for their pop up tent and an Archon Banner or flag.  Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and any steampunks willing to travel are more than welcome at their gathering!

Learn more about the airship at!

Louisville Steampunks Picnic to Gather at Steamboat Museum

The Corn Island Steampunk Society is pleased to announce that they are hosting their first official event since forming as a group, Saturday August 25th at the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, IN. Although the leaders of Corn Island have been frequent and found attendees to various Cincinnati area steampunk events, including competing in the Symposium games in 2012, this if the first time they have organized a large-scale gathering of their own.

Hey area steampunkers, come join The Corn Island Steampunk Society as we host our first event at the Howard Steamboat Museum, located in Jeffersonville Indiana. There will be a tour of the museum, door prizes, plenty of time for socializing, and lots of opportunities for photos at a place rich in Victorian architecture and full of artifacts from a time when steam boats ruled the waves! The museum closes at 4pm, and afterwards, we will caravan to King Fish on the river for dinner and socializing! So, polish your goggles and program your time machines and come join us for a day of steampunking at the museum. And remember, with The Corn Island Steampunk Society, it’s all about the steam!

Representatives of Steampunk Empire Symposium will be attending, including Aloysius Fox, Ginny Tonic and Charles Moore. Join us and the Corn Island Steampunk Society for a lovely afternoon picnic and stroll. The event is free to attend but it costs $6 for adults to get into the museum. Hope to see you all there!

2013 Guest Epicurean: Lady Clankington

Lady Clankington will be joining us as a guest for the 2013 Steampunk Empire Symposium. She is a woman of many varied proclivities.  Her lust for life is so insatiable, in fact, that mere mortals can never hope to keep up with it.  In order to avoid injuring her traveling companions, Lady C commissions the mad Dr. Visbaun to construct infernal devices to appease her appetite…for adventure.

Unfortunately, Lady Clankington exhausts each of his inventions at an alarming rate and must commission from him a new product every now and again, in order to remain satisfied.

In her spare time, the lady reads books, explores foreign lands, and peruses the international network of communications.  Dr. Visbaun is far too busy to indulge in any such nonsense.

There are no known photographs or daguerrotypes of Dr. Visbaun.  He does, indeed, exist but avoids the camera like the plague, itself.

Learn more about her at

Lantern City Heads to Dragon*Con

Bruce Boxleitner and Lantern City has announced an appearance at this year’s Dragon*Con event-August 31st to September 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia. In the video update that follows, he announces the official Lantern City panel as well as how you can be involved in the project.

Now up to speed on the steampunk themed television series? Check out our previous updates here and here.

Fallen London

Looking for something that earned “Browser Game of the Year” honors by the Escapist Awards? How about the game that the New Yorker calls “Far and away the best browser game of today”? Would a direct recommendation from Felicia Day seal the deal and peak your interest? Okay, you forced our hand. It’s steampunk themed! Now we have your attention.

Let us introduce you to Fallen London (formerly know as Echo Bazaar). The game itself is a Twitter or Facebook connected, turn based browser game produced by Failbetter Games Ltd and it has quickly earned a very devoted following on the web (not to mention its own wiki). The game itself is tough to describe but utterly addictive once you get started. Most call it a “browser-based narrative experiment” as the interface is mostly textual in nature. The site does a great job summing up the mechanics in their review where they write:

“It takes ten minutes to receive an action point, which allows the furtherance of one story or the playing of a card that unlocks a new opportunity for your character. While the cards seem to be randomly drawn, the available stories depend on all manner of character-specific numbers such as the level of abilities, progress made in other areas of the game and the expenditure of various items.”

Check out more of their review here (and we thank them for the image we presented from within the game above). What is the story like? The official site describes things as follows:

“One city. A thousand choices. Discover a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld where your actions affect everything from the fate of the British Empire to the price of your soul. Dance with devils. Seduce an artist. Wrestle tigers. Converse with cats. Plot a revolution. All in your coffee break. And did we mention it’s free? Welcome. Delicious friend.”

Why wait? Visit and give it a try for yourself today.

Steampunk Art

Is the PBS series Off Book on your radar? Maybe it should be. Off Book is a web-original series from PBS Arts that explores cutting edge arts and the artists that make it. Episodes range from video games to typography, internet memes to, yes you guessed it, steampunk culture.

In this video, PBS sums up Steampunk art as evoking an alternate reality where steam is the primary source of power. They go on to explain

Technology, though highly advanced, has taken on a very different look and feel, and fashion is heavily influenced by Victorian styles. In this episode, we explore the Steampunk aesthetic and art movement. We speak with a Steampunk artist, a composer who created an entire piece of music inspired by Steampunk, and a performing arts collective whose work falls naturally into this intriguing world.

The video features Joey Marsocci aka Dr Grymm, Third Rail Projects, the composer David Bruce and the ensemble ACJW. Well worth a watch!