Louisville Steampunks Picnic to Gather at Steamboat Museum

The Corn Island Steampunk Society is pleased to announce that they are hosting their first official event since forming as a group, Saturday August 25th at the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, IN. Although the leaders of Corn Island have been frequent and found attendees to various Cincinnati area steampunk events, including competing in the Symposium games in 2012, this if the first time they have organized a large-scale gathering of their own.

Hey area steampunkers, come join The Corn Island Steampunk Society as we host our first event at the Howard Steamboat Museum, located in Jeffersonville Indiana. There will be a tour of the museum, door prizes, plenty of time for socializing, and lots of opportunities for photos at a place rich in Victorian architecture and full of artifacts from a time when steam boats ruled the waves! The museum closes at 4pm, and afterwards, we will caravan to King Fish on the river for dinner and socializing! So, polish your goggles and program your time machines and come join us for a day of steampunking at the museum. And remember, with The Corn Island Steampunk Society, it’s all about the steam!

Representatives of Steampunk Empire Symposium will be attending, including Aloysius Fox, Ginny Tonic and Charles Moore. Join us and the Corn Island Steampunk Society for a lovely afternoon picnic and stroll. The event is free to attend but it costs $6 for adults to get into the museum. Hope to see you all there!

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One Response
  1. Sam Sprocket says:

    Thanks to all who attended and made this first attempt at hosting an event by the Corn Island Steampunk Society such a memorable success.

    Blue Skies & Best Wishes,
    * Sam Sprocket