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Fabulous ways to shop at the Symposium

Altered Steampunk Halloween Clock by Sunny Skye Creations

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Aether, the Steampunk Empire Symposium is excited to provide you with more opportunities to increase your wardrobe, decorate your home, and prepare yourself for that next adventure. Today we proudly announce even more vendors who will be filling our market bazaar with many fine things.

Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters has just the right clothing for any exploration or soirée, topped off with a hat or two from Blonde Swan, and everything from jewelry to ray guns can be found at SteampunkFunk Bizarre. But if you need a full armory of aether powered firearms, then CaelynTek Mercantile is the merchant for you, however, if you are going to use those weapons for misdeeds you might require a mask from Goblin Road . . . or just an elegant mask for the weekend’s more sophisticated social events. Finish it all off with accessories and art from Geek Details or Sunny Skye Creations that will transform your home into a steampunk adventure that lives on past the fun and larks of the Symposium.