Curiosities Exhibition Update

FallingThe Symposium draws nearer and nearer still. Steampunks everywhere are working diligently on costumes and props. Some of those props may well find a temporary home in the Curiosities Exhibit.

To refresh your memory please click the link below.


As promised I bring you the registration form for this years Exhibit! Print it out, fill it and bring it with you to the convention. Or, if you’d rather, email it to


Steampunk empire Symposium 2013

Curiosities Exhibit Artifact Registration Form




Contact Information (Cell #):_____________________________

Categories:  (Please put a check next to the category you are submitting an Artifact to.)

Goggles: ___

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Sidearms: ___

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Large Weapon: ___

Original Sidearms: ___

Original Large Weapons: ___

B.F.G. (Big Frakkin’ Guns): ___

Wearables (backpacks, bracers, hats/helmets, etc.): ___

Item of Mysterious Origin (anything not covered above): ___

Please check this line if you wish your Artifact to be handled by the Public: ______

I, __________________________________________ (please print your legal name), hereby stipulate that the Steampunk Empire Symposium and Pandora Promotions, LLC, will not be held liable in the event my submission(s) are damaged or stolen.

Signed: (Legal Name)___________________________

Date: ___________________________

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