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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Candles by Jenni

candles_by_jenniCandles By Jenni

Candles by Jenni makes hand made soaps and soy candles.  Since everything is hand made we take custom orders for different fragrances and colors if you have any requests. We make custom fragrances that you will not find anywhere else. Our products are unique from most and we take pride in our product. If you are looking for that gift that is different from anything you can find in the stores, Candles by Jenni is the place to find it.

There is rumor that Candles by Jenni will be featuring new soap shapes at the Symposium – keep an eye out in the booth for Octopi!

Candles by Jenni’s website

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : SteampunkFunk Bizarre

SteampunkFunkSteampunkFunk Bizarre, come peruse their shop during the Symposium.

Neo-Victorians, water and airship pirates/privateers, jungle explorers, scientists (mad or otherwise), railroad engineers/ conductors and crews, open road motorists, goths, vamps, vikings and all time travelers will find a varied selection of goods (many hand crafted) for almost every need or want:
designer and hand-crafted jewelry and leathers, skeletal pocket chronometers, airship/ nautical/piratical and time-traveler devices are available.  Hand wrought redefined weaponry, individually designed Armageddon Goggles, respirators, gas masks the likes of which you’ve never seen will be yours for the asking.

For the fashion conscious, you’ll find individually designed top hats, Wellingtons, John Bulls,  and other head gear in satin, velvet, leather and suede.  Ladies hats, too, from the austere to the sublime!  Exclusive, hand-made beaded bags and leather courier cases for all to carry, feather fans, battenburg lace parisols… the list of items goes on and on….

Unusual commercially wrought/hand augmented designer jewelry, the plundered rewards of victory over commerce, will also be offered.

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Sylvan Creations



A mixing a love of jewelry and history – owner and creator Nicole says the following about her inspiration for her business and beautiful pieces. Since I was a young girl I have had two loves, jewelry and history. These two things converged while I was working at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. After years as an actor I started working for an artist who was a sculptor and jeweler. This gave me the courage to finally put my two life long loves together and start making my own jewelery rich in historical symbols and art.

My artistic style has developed with the use of gemstone beads, Celtic symbols and a sense of wonder and whimsy. I have branched in many directions to include wire wrapping, fantasy, such as fairies and dragons from Celtic lore, and even some Victorian sensibilities. As my business name, (Sylvan Creations), would indicate I weave these with other natural themes, such as tree, leaves and flowers of the forest.

Check out Sylvan Creations Etsy page

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Answering an RC Dirigible Races Question.

Hello future Dirigible races and design competition contestants! I recently received a question from one of the groups who will making an entry into the RC Dirigible Races portion of the Symposium Games this year, and I thought I would give an answer publicly to benefit other groups who may be considering making an RC Dirigible themselves.

The Question was in regard to the concept of negative buoyancy in a dirigible, and the effect of a heavy powerplant on the rule that says:

“2. Type: All Dirigibles should be of helium filled/lighter than air type. No hot air dirigibles,
flammable gas dirigibles (no Hydrogen) or heavier than air vehicles (helicopters or airplanes)
allowed. This is to keep the field competitive speed and maneuverability wise, but also for
spectator and facility safety.”

The group in question is worried that their gondola and powerplant is too heavy to qualify for the specification “lighter than air” because it doesn’t float unassisted in mid air (the powerplant is powerful enough to lift the vessel even though the balloon can’t hold it up on it’s own).  So in the interest of fostering some creative hobby engineering, I will make a clarification for rule 2 as quoted above.

All RC Dirigible entered in the races and design competition must have a helium filled envelope/balloon, that is at least capable of slowing it’s decent in the case of a power loss, or a cut throttle. Basically, if you have it flying near the ceiling, and your battery dies or your motors stop working, it shouldn’t fall straight to the floor. I would like to be able to give a specification on “fall time”. But at this point I will have to wait until my OWN Dirigible get’s closer to finished before I can make a spec for that. (Something along the lines of “fall time from 5 foot must be X seconds or more”)

So to sum up, don’t worry if your Dirigible design doesn’t allow for a free floating blimp, just so long as it doesn’t drop like a rock with a loss of power.

Also, I need to clarify that the use of toy grade RC airplanes, helicopters and quad copters as “powerplants’ in your dirigible is perfectly acceptable, as long as you didn’t just attach a balloon to one and call it done. If you are going to use an RC plane, helicopter or quadcopter as your powerplant, it must be integrated with a gondola of some kind.

Anyway, I hope to see plenty of RC Dirigibles this year, and remember to contact me as soon as you know what kind of remote control you’ll have and the frequency (if applicable). (See the RULES for more info)

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters

WolfhomeWolfhome Adventuring Outfitters

Wolfhome is a company based in the Atlanta, GA. We are a small coalition of fabric junkies, seamstresses, and crafters. We have been making costumes for over a decade.

Our business has grown out of our personal interest and love of costuming and recreational events; including SCA, conventions, and live action gaming.  Since we participate in these events we have personal experience in the needs that these scenes can create.  We are proud to make a contribution to communities that have brought a great deal of enrichment to our lives. Most of our work is historical based, but we also create Steampunk and other Victorian based clothes as well.

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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Blonde Swan


TheBlondeSwanThe Blonde Swan was established in the year 2000, with the goal of reinventing the art of millinery.

Our company was founded on a passion to blend both fashion and craftsmanship.
Designs are developed into patterns then cut by hand and sewn in our own studio.
Specializing in handcrafted fashionable leather hats, goggles and accessories. From Steampunk to Renaissance, we have a little something for everyone!

Blonde Swan has a hat for every style! Come and check them out at the Symposium.

Keep up to date on The Blonde Swan Facebook page.

Shop for a hat before the event : Etsy


Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : White Pavilion Clothiers

Today we start our Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor spotlight! Each week we will take a look at some of the vendors that will be part of our show. We have great vendors this year that I can’t wait to show you. Each one will tempt your wallets!

White Pavilion Clothiers


“It’s clothing – not just costume.”

At White Pavilion, we understand that, for you to look your best, the clothing we provide has to look and feel natural. We not only strive to give you the perfect fit, but also well-crafted, sturdy garments of materials carefully chosen for a historically authentic look. Our philosophy is that you should be the main attraction, not what you’re wearing – and if we’ve done our job right, your ensemble will look so natural that your persona will shine. This has been our goal since our founding in 1990.

While we specialize in Medieval and Renaissance clothing, we are a design company capable of creating costumes from any era, as well as fantasy originals and movie reproductions. Our clients include celebrities, film and theater companies, religious orders and traditional organizations, street performers, and event planners (particularly for weddings). Virtually all of our products are handmade by our seamstresses and craftspeople in the USA, and are guaranteed. You will find companies with more products, but none with fairer prices, better workmanship, or a greater commitment to service than White Pavilion.

Check out their Website
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