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Winner of the Hotel Registration Draw!

A big HUZZAH for Elyse Hawkins!

She is the winner of our Hotel Registration draw and has won four badges to the 2014 Steampunk Symposium.

Watch out for more opportunities to win Pandora Society prizes . . .

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Tracie Jean Photo

Tracie Jean Photo


Tracie Jean Photo sees the world in frames, beautiful frames of forever. Each moment enclosed in its own eternity, burnt on a page, tattooed on the eye and hung perfectly in the hallowed halls of this CAMazing life. A picture can laugh, cry, love, be proud, humble or curious and that’s alot for some ink and paper.

A multi-tasker by nature, you’ll see me adjusting lighting, positioning subjects and perfecting details (and maybe in between, sipping on a latte). But, don’t worry…your moments will still be your moments because I have a way of blending in. I’ll just make sure you can always remember them!

So come dressed in your finest Steampunk wear and have a beautiful photo taken by Tracie Jean Photo right in our vending hall!

Check Tracie Jean Photo out on Facebook!

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Frank & Steele

Frank & Steele





Frank & Steele are purveyors of unique incidentals, artificers of wondrous makings. They create finely crafted fanciful adornments for Steampunk wear – from gears to medals and so much more.

Check out all the different gears you can get on the website!

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : CaelynTek Mercantile

Seal_Clan_of_Teks_smallCaelynTek Mercantile is the clearing house for the various Steampunk items found, modified or created by Caelyn and fellow citizens of the Clan of Teks. The Clan has been sending out technology and salvage scouts for quite some time, and those items that aren’t needed by the Clan of Teks themselves get put on the market to help fund further projects.

Products you can expect to see on the block are: Shiny Steampunked toy guns, A plethora of goggles in varying styles, miscellaneous Steampunk converted accoutrements, leather products, glass flasks and antique or antique styled found items, all at fair prices.

CaelynTek Mercantile Website

CaelynTek Mercantile on Etsy (Items not sold at the Symposium will be listed on Etsy)

The Clan of Teks on Facebook


Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Altered History

Altered History




Altered History is the design line created by illustrator Abbey Manalli (aka, Capt. Kit Kaboom), inspired by her love of history and vintage elements and the desire for travel and adventure in a world that never quite existed  The Altered History line includes luggage stickers, postcards, wool-felt patches, metal pins, and other items for the well-worn traveler. Supplying travelers of airships and trains, steamships and submarines. Where adventures are documented in hand-written journals, sepia colored photographs, and travel stickers on worn luggage.

Altered History’s home base is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she has made a commitment to only have her designs produced in America.

Check them out on Facebook.

Convention Etiquette with Seelix

Let’s talk a little about convention etiquette.

Rule One: Okay, I can skip over the first rule of conventions: deodorant and showers. Steampunks are a surprisingly nice-smelling lot. I have yet to feel the need to spray one down with Febreeze on first meeting them.

Rule two follows perfectly from Rule One. If you want to sniff someone, or otherwise become more-closely acquainted to them, ask permission first. I recommend opening the conversation with something like this something like this “Good day sir, I am Lieutenant Gobsmeagol of the good airship Teacozy. I couldn’t help but notice the exquisiteness of your fougere. Would you mind if I lean in closer? I would love to discern the ingredients used.”

Rule three, and the one I particularly want to address here: If you plan to pass out over your evening snifter of brandy, we would recommend you do so in a non-public space. The hotel prefers not to fish exhausted adventurers out of their potted plants.

Not the proper place for a gentleman to sleep.
Not the proper place for a gentleman to sleep.

You see, the Steampunk Symposium isn’t going to end at 5pm. Or 7pm. Or 9pm. Or even 11pm. We have social activities planned into the wee hours of the morning.

A few of the reasons you won’t want to leave early…

Frenchy and the Punk

The Extraordinary Contraptions

Ford Theater Reunion

And others!

If music isn’t your style (I suppose everyone has their flaws), our resident mixologist extraordinaire, Calamity Dawn, will be hosting a Drinking with Calamity panel Friday evening and Peter Beerslayer will be running a Homebrew workshop and contest on Saturday evening.

The official parties run 11pm to 6am Friday and Saturday evenings. Yes, 6am. Do you really want to be piloting your airship back to your fortress of solitude at 6am? I didn’t think so. I don’t want you doing that either. After all, only you can prevent airship collisions.

Luckily, we have a solution for you! We have a special convention rate at the Crowne Plaza North, the hotel where the convention is happening. Rooms are $97 per night, if you use the code SPS. You can book by going to the Crown Plaza’s websiteMake sure you enter the code SPS when searching for rooms. You can also call (513) 771-2080 to book, but you’ll have  mention the Steampunk Symposium to get the special rate.

This rate is only guaranteed until March 27th, so please book soon! As a bonus, if you book by March 27th, you will be entered into a drawing for four passes to the 2014 Steampunk Symposium!

Registered Remote Control Dirigibles


This is an update on the list of registered Remote Control Dirigibles that will be providing us with sport, entertainment and thrills during the symposium, specifically at the Dirigible Races event.

We currently have 6 definite entries into the Dirigible races and/or design competition across 4 groups.

The League of Cincinnati Steampunks, The Clan of Teks, Her Majesty’s Airship Omnipotent of the glorious Unspeakable Empire of Cheviot, and The Airship Passpartout will have RC Dirigibles at the Symposium. Will YOUR group be entering a dirigible? Below is the list of transmitter types and frequencies we currently have registered for the races:

There are two 2.4 ghz transmitters (registered by Clan of Teks and Airship Omnipotent)
There are two Infra Red (IR) transmitters (registered by Airship Omnipotent)
There is one 27mhz transmitter (registered by Airship Passpartout)
There is one 49mhz transmitter (registered by The League of Cincinnati Steampunks)

It is important to note that RC vehicles that run on 2.4 ghz transmitters do NOT usually interfere with each other. The same goes for Infra Red (IR) transmitters, so if you have the choice, when you build your Dirigibles, try to find “powerplants” that use these two types of transmitters.

There are also may be other flying vehicles brought along that do not fit under the Dirigible races specifications, but that will nonetheless be cool to have flying around the symposium air field. (ornithopters, gliders, etc) If you are going to bring these kinds of things, and they are remote controlled, please let me know your transmitter type and frequency as well, we don’t want any of them interfering with the dirigible races.

There is already one such non dirigible flying contraption registered that runs 49 Mhz.

If you will be bringing a remote control flying machine to the Symposium, and if you want to enter a Dirigible into the races or design competion, please contact me on Facebook or via email  (caelyn_8 (at) to register your RC flying machines. Make sure to mention “RC Dirigible Races” in the title of your email.

Thank You,
Caelyn Nagle of the Clan of Teks,
Dirigible Races Organizer for the Steampunk Empire Symposium.