Biography of the Symposium

Aloysius Fox getting cheeky with the ladies. – Photo: Shannon Cartwright

April 27-29, 2012 saw the inaugural Steampunk Empire Symposium held at the Atrium Hotel in Cincinnati, a city nicknamed the Queen City for its rich history with steamboats and the “Queens” of the river; a very appropriate place to host a weekend festival devoted to an age of steam that never was.

October 15th, 2008, however, was when the seed was planted when Aloysius Fox formed the League of Cincinnati Steampunks and held the first Cincinnati Steampunk Salon at Arnold’s Bar & Grill (est.1861); five people attended that night, but four years later over five hundred people were in attendance for the first Symposium.

The Symposium also grew from the Steampunk Empire social network site, cofounded in 2009 by Aloysius Fox and Hephzibah Marsh.

[More history coming soon]