2012 Panels & Workshops

The Steampunk Empire Symposium offers its attendees a variety of panels, workshops, and such for entertainment and education. Please note that unless marked otherwise, each is approximately 50 minutes in duration.

Adie’s Hide and Seek Game

(The Vagabonds) Adie has hidden trinkets all around the convention! Find one and return it to her to redeem a small prize!

Bartitsu Workshop 

(Ring of Steel) Learn to fight like a gentleman with Mr. Barton-Wright’s fine martial art, later immortalized by the late Sherlock Holmes.

Belly Dance Workshop

(Zahara’s Tangled Web) A beginner’s session to basic bellydance moves.

Calling Card Etiquette

(Lord Bobbins) Learn the subtle art of the calling card as it was used then and how it can be used now.

Charlie Tonic Hour 

(Ginny Tonic & Charlie) Join the hosts of the Charlie Tonic Hour podcast as they record a live studio audience episode of their infamous show.

Deus Ex Machina

(Emilie P Bush) Theology In Steampunk – There is god in the machine, for good or ill. This discussion looks at various forms of theology in Steampunk literature, personas and film.

Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Steampunk and Social Justice

(Ay-leen the Peacemaker) How might lessons of the past and steampunks of today make for a better tomorrow?

From Disaster to Dashing: Dressing for Men 

(Airship Archon) In this panel we will discuss clothing and accessory options for the overlooked male gender, as well as discovering your personal style and places to look for inspiration and pieces.

Gaming (all day)

The Gaming Room in Windsor West offers the following games and others for your enjoyment and distraction: Dominion, a deck building game. Race for the Galaxy, card game of space conquest. Olympus, lead your people through ancient Greece. Agricola, own a farm and feed your family during the dark ages. Seven Wonders, draft your future. La Cita, building a city during the Renaissance. Settlers of Catan, a classic resource management game, and many more.

Gizmos, Gadgets, and Doodads

(The Vagabonds) Need to build a prop? Have a tight budget? We’ll teach you tips and tricks on how to make impressive steampunk gadgets and weapons without

spending a fortune.

Growing up Steampunk

(Emilie P Bush) Kids and Steampunk – what can be learned? Using alt- history as a framework for teaching history, basic engineering and more. Roundtable discussion. Handouts will be available for those wanting to try some kids activities.

Gun Spinning Workshop

(Ring of Steel) Learn how to wield that raygun or maverick with a little more style.

A History of Cincinnati

(A. Mann) Cincinnati was once a hub for steamboats from all across the nation; learn more about the Queen City from our local dapper historian.

Indie Film Making

The directors of Love, Sky, City, Burn (Billy Boyd) and The Wars of Other Men (Mike Zawacki) share their knowledge of tips on how to produce your own steampunk film

Lolita Punk

(Airship Archon) Background on the Japanese Lolita fashion & how easy it is to incorporate into steampunk for fun, fresh looks for ladies who don’t always want to wear floor length gowns!

Love, Sky, City, Burn (90 min)

(Original Film) The siege goes poorly. The Enemy will soon break through and the sky-city of Stoatpamphlet will burn. Four friends attempt to survive the coming nightmare– but for the factory lads of Stoat, escape is not an option. Meet William Norrister: a bare-knuckle boxer in debt to a crime lord. Jonathan Starsmore, a druggist seeking to escape the cataclysm. Ghery, a beautiful bar singer who must learn to hope again– and Hennison, a dark man on a mysterious mission. The enemy is at the gates while knives are drawn in the dark. To live they must pay the price of blood.

The Making of Remnant

(John Strangeway) Remnant is the latest project from Penny Dreadful Productions. Starting out as a conceptual fashion line set in a post apocalyptic/steampunk genre, it has now moved on to the big screen with the help of Brothers Young Productions, Dim Horizon Studios, Amy Houser Illustrations, and other contributors to create five short vignettes to bring the characters to life.

Meet the Vagabonds

(The Vagabonds) It’s time to meet all the members and talk about their stories. They’ll talk about how they came to be the misfit group of mercenary paranormal detectives they are now.

Midnight Masquerade (2 hours)

At the stroke of midnight masked revelers will fill the Atrium Ballroom for eclectic music, gathered by our time traveling jockey of the disc, shall fill the hall; drink, laugh, and make merry.

Monster Survival 101

(The Vagabonds) They’ll teach you how to find, capture, and defend yourself from various creatures and monsters. And talk about some of their encounters with them.

The Mystery Airships of 1897 (Zebulon Vitruvius Pike) An historical review of the series of airship sightings that occurred between November 1896 and May of 1897 across the American West and Mid-West.

Movie Marathon

A series of steampunk motion pictures will be screened for your viewing pleasure in the Stratford Theatre (see door poster for film schedule).

Myke Amend Q&A

Meet the artist and learn more about his techniques and inspiration.

Nerf High Noon

Sunday, noon, the ultimate Nerf shoot out. You can take cover, but no where will be safe from those foam darts.

Opening Ceremony

The Steampunk Empire Symposium will formally welcome attendees, airships, and special guests.

Pandora Promotions Preview (The Pandora Society) Get an insight into upcoming events and see how you can get involved with the fun.

Photo Manipulation

(Lord Bobbins) The fine art of taking pictures and adding more adventure to them.

Reading from Leanna Renee Hieber: Leanna will present work never before heard, a dramatic reading from her short story that will appear in Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: Tales of Gaslight Fantasy releasing from Tor Books in 2013, and participate in a lively Q and A.

Recruitment Fair

Is your airship missing a vital crew member? Are you a stray steampunk in need of an airship? Friday afternoon and evening come to the Atrium Ballroom and find new crew mates for the Symposium Games.

Stage Combat Workshop

(Ring of Steel) Learn the basics of pretending to fight without actually getting hurt.

Steam Around the World: Beyond Victoriana

(Ay-leen the Peacemaker) Steampunk is more than just faking a British or German accent; learn more about neo-Victorian multiculturalism from one of the leading experts in the field.

Steam Dollies

(League of Cincinnati Steampunks) The Victorians loved spooky dolls, and so do many steampunks. Learn more about the acquisition and care of modern day dolls from around the world.

Steamkids Play 

(Children’s Program) The Steamkids of the Symposium present an orginal piece of steampunk theatre for the mirth and amusement of the grown ups.

Steampunk 101

(Airship Archon) Basic background info on the history of steampunk and its emergence in popular culture.

Steampunk 210

(Airship Archon) Going to conventions, meeting people and starting your own airship. Notes on making personas, outfits and basic modification of clothing and props.

Steampunk 320

(Airship Archon) Advanced Steampunk for Fun & Profit.

Steampunk in Anime

(Ay-leen the Peacemaker) Japanese animation has a long history of being steampunk long before it was popular.

Steampunk Art

(Myke Amend) An overview of how the world of steampunk has been inspired by art and vice versa.

Steampunk Dance Workshop

(Madame Gigi) Learn to blend modern and traditional dance styles into something completely new.

Steampunk Fashion 

(Apparition Abolishers) Describing and discussing the ins and outs of creating authentic, yet creative fashions fueled by a Steampunk sensibility.

Steampunk Literature: an overview

(Emilie P Bush) Authors and readers come together to share their favorites and the Classics of Steampunk.  We’ll talk about what makes Steampunk Steampunk, and look at some sub genres as well.  Panel will offer a handout of Steampunk literature, a few dramatic readings, and opportunities for book signings.

Steampunk Storytime

(The Vagabonds) Gather ‘round and listen to the tales of ghost hunting missions, monster hunting mishaps, and what goes on behind the scenes on our ship.

Steampunk VS. Neo-Victorian

(Airship Archon) What is the difference between Steampunk & Neo Victorian? Is there one? Come to discuss two different movements and how they relate

Steampunking Iconic Characters

(Steampunk Boba Fett) An overview of the inovative steampunking of various pop culture characters.

Swap Meet

An opportunity to trade clothes, props, etc. with fellow Symposium attendees.

Sword Cane Workshop 

(Ring of Steel) Learn how to use the ultimate concealed weapon.

Thrifty Steampunk

(The Vagabonds) Creating an outfit from thrift shop goods isn’t as hard as people expect. Come and see how simple mods can transform anything clothing into a unique outfit.

Trash to Treasure 

(Apparition Abolishers) Watch and learn how the Apparition Abolishers’ fantastical contraptions and exposition oddities were made! A discussion of how some of the key Abolisher’s gear, props and oddities were conceived and constructed. Building tips and material sources will also be discussed. How everyday objects and discarded trash can be transformed into a Steampunk wonder.

Victorian Drinks & Drunkardness

(The Pandora Society) Calamity Dawn and Ginny Tonic explore popular cocktails and the drinking culture of the 1800’s.

Victorian Erotica

(The Pandora Society) Calamity Dawn and Ginny Tonic present something a little naughty with readings from adult Victorian literature.

Victorian Fisticuffs Workshop (Ring of Steel) Learn how to box like a gentlemen.

Victorian Language of the Fan.

(Leanna Renee Hieber) Learn about these mythic secret signals in an entertaining discussion of 19th century culture and communication.

Victorian Spacecraft 

(Zebulon Vitruvius Pike) A history of the science and science fiction of 19th Century space travel, from Verne’s Columbiad and Wells’ Cavorite sphere to Tsiolkovsky’s rockets and Edison’s aether propeller.

Victorians and The Paranormal

(Leanna Renee Hieber) Why these things go so well together. A discussion of culture, fear, psyche and pseudo-science.

War of the Worlds

(Audio Delight) There have been many adaptations of H.G. Well’s classic tales of Martian invaders, but perhaps the most accurate is actually Jeff Wayne’s 1978 rock opera version.

The Wars of Other Men 

(Original Film) Set in an alternate 1920s-era world at war, The Wars of Other Men tells the story of a nameless Lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat. The enemy has begun to dominate the battlefield with their new chemical super weapon, known only as “the Fog.” When his superiors learn the location of the facility that manufactures the Fog, the Lieutenant is ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture the scientist responsible for its creation… at a terrible cost to soldier and civilian alike. With the lives of his men and the fate of the war hanging in the balance the Lieutenant must make a choice — will he be a good soldier or will he be a good man?

The World of Teslacon

(Lord Bobbins) If you have yet to attend TeslaCon, you certainly have heard friends talk about it; learn more about this immersive steampunk convention from the inventor himself, Lord Bobbins.

Zalikir’s Magic Show Spectacular

(The Vagabonds) Is it a trick? Or is it real? You never know with Zalikir.