2012 Convention Rules

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Welcome to the first ever Steampunk Empire Symposium; thank you for being a part of this totally inaccurate historical event.

For the comfort and safety of all attending the Symposium, please abide by these common sense rules:


1. You must wear your membership badge (ribbon) at all times to be admitted to any convention function.

2. Possession of alcoholic beverages by anyone under 21 years of age is grounds for expulsion from the convention without refund.

3. Please keep all behavior that polite attendees would find publicly offensive in your hotel rooms.

4. Steampunk Empire Symposium and Pandora Promotions LLC are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention.

5. Announced events and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via the Internet and pre-convention publications but sometimes last-minute changes will occur.

6. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your membership money if you are behaving in an uncivilized manner.

7. Please abide by our weapons policy:

All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. Bladed weapons (including sword canes) must be cased or sheathed at all times.  Any firearms or antique firearms used in costuming must have the firing mechanisms disabled, bolt, flint, match or firing pin removed or have the trigger restrained by a member of our security staff. Live ammunition is prohibited.

8. No horseplay in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will be confiscated and rule #6 enforced.

9. Please do not abuse our hotels facilities or hotel staff. Room Parties and other announcements may be dropped off at our Information Desk.

10. Wear appropriate clothing in the common areas; nudity needs to remain in the hotel guest rooms.