2012 Symposium Games: Schedule & Results

The Steampunk Empire Symposium Games begin Saturday morning and run through the day (this page will be updated as results come in).

11am – Mustache Parade – WINNER H.M.R.A.S. Valkyrie (allied with The Ace of Spades)

12pm – Nerf Dueling – WINNER Her Majesty’s Airship Omnipotent

1pm – Croquet -WINNER Airship Passepartout

2pm – Tea Dueling – WINNER Airship Eleanor Page

4pm – Verbal Dueling - WINNER Airship Columbia

4pm – Tiddly Winks  Cancelled 

5pm – Umbrella Dueling – WINNER Dancing Dirigibles

6pm – Airship Races

- WINNER of race: Airship Archon

- WINNER of design: Her Majesty’s Airship Omnipotent

8pm – Fashion Show (see Apparition Abolishers to register)

The Curiosities Exhibit:

Goggles – Airship Passepartout

Musical Instrument – Airship Columbia

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Pistol Modification - Airship Passepartout

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Rifle Modification - Airship Passepartout

Raygun Pistol (original crafted) – Dancing Dirigibles

Raygun Rifle (original crafted) – HMRAS Valkyrie (allied with The Ace of Spades)

Time Travel Device – League of Cincinnati Steampunks (Airship Flying Pig)

Communication Device – Airship Archon

Strange Miscellaneous Contraption – Airship Centennial (also best in show)

The winner of each challenge and category wins a gold ribbon and a point for his or her airship, plus the kudos of being recorded in the Chronicles of the Steampunk Symposium.

Next year, for the Steampunk Empire Symposium 2013, to keep the challenge fresh and original, each competing airship must propose, facilitate, and judge a challenge to enter the Symposium Games (obviously each airship cannot participate as a competitor in their own challenge); it’s going to be a jolly good lark seeing what each airship comes up with over the next 52 weeks.