2013 Symposium Games Descriptions

SymposiumGamesPinGreetings Airships and Groups of the 2013 Symposium Games.

Below is a tentative but mostly final schedule of competitions for the Symposium Games.Points values aren’t final, we still need to calculate the optimal distribution of points, but this should give you an idea for training purposes. Final points values will be published at the Symposium.

Saturday 11:00 AM – Mustache Competition – Bring your facial hair and grooming tools this weekend cause it could win you a Symposium Games pin!. We’ll be needing impartial judges, preferably the kind that wear bustles. Winner receives 70 points. Runner up receives 30 points

Saturday Noon to 1:45 PM – Marksmanship – This time slot has two competitions:

NERF Dueling – 10 Paces then turn!. Use your own NERF or NERF like sidearm or borrow one from the host to prove your mettle against the rest of the gunslingers in town. Improvised bracket system will be used, details rules will be provided. Winner receives 70 points, runner up receives 30.

NERF Skeet Shooting – Each group entering the skeet shooting must bring two people. A marksman with a NERF or other brand foam dart rifle or SMG plus a range monkey. Marksmen will be trying to shoot moving targets, range monkeys aren’t THE targets, they’ll just be helping to deploy the targets. Winner receives 70 points, runner up receives 30.

These two events may be running simultaneously depending on time.

Saturday 2:00 PM – Silhouette Challenge – Display your mastery of the gentler arts. Entrants will be provided with black paper and scissors. An interesting model will be presented in silhouette against the wall. The artist with the most credible likeness (approx. 6” high) at the end of 15 minutes will earn 100 victory points. Judges’ decision.

Saturday 2:30 PM – Corset Lacing Relay – Bring a model with an over the bust rear lacing corset and as many team mates as you can muster for a team corset lacing race. Models don’t have to be from your group, but all lacing team members must be. Models must wear a chemise under their corset, no Janet Jacksidents please. Fastest lacing team wins 100 points.

Saturday 5:00 PM – Tea Dueling – A competition for CIVILIZED people. Can you be the LAST to successfully NOM your biscuit? Based on the Articles of the Honourable Association of Tea Duellists. http://teaduel.yolasite.com/the-rules.php  The Winner of this competition will receive 70 points, the runner up shall receive 30.

Saturday 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Setup for Dirigible Races

Saturday 7:00 PM – Remote Control Dirigible Races and Design Competition – The premier event of the Symposium Games, a race of skill, wits, and engineering. Competitors must buy or design and build remote control Helium lift dirigibles and pilot them to victory. The Dirigible races are a winner take all event. 100 Victory points to the winner of the final heat. The Design competition points are split between two prizes. 50 points for the best engineering design and 50 points for the best artistic design/model building, which will be judged by an impartial panel consisting of both laypersons and hobbyists.

http://steampunk.caelyntek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Dirigible_Races_Rules_2013.pdf (Contact Caelyn of the Clan of Teks if you are unaffiliated with any competing group and would like to volunteer to be a judge for the design competition)

Ongoing -  Curiosities Exhibit – Each Airship or Group can enter items into the Curiosities Exhibit for popular vote. For each first place win in a single category by a team that is registered for the game, a certain a mount of points shall be awarded. For the 8 categories:

Goggles – 10 points
Nerf Sidearms (or similar plastic toy) – 10 points
Nerf Large Weapons (or similar plastic toy) – 10 points
Original Sidearms – 10 points
Original Large Weapons – 10 points
B.F.G. (Big Frakkin’ Guns) – 10 points
Wearables (backpacks, bracers, hats/helmets, etc.) – 20
Item of Mysterious Origin (anything not covered above) – 20

NOTE: Airship or Group affiliation must be stated upon an item’s check-in at the exhibit. (No after the fact recruiting).

Possible surprise competitions may occur on Sunday morning or afternoon.

Curiosities Exhibit tallying and overall competition tallying will take place Sunday afternoon with the winner to be announced during the closing ceremonies.