Circle City Areodrome (Indianapolis)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Leader: Sofi Blackburn (Megan Fetter)
Crew Members:

  • Ainsley W. Doyle (Lori O’Brien)
  • Claudius VanDerGraff (Claude McDonald)
  • Ginger Vaughn
  • Kat Alyst
  • Theo Doyle (Ian O’Brien)
  • Caleb Marion

Group Meets: The Red Lion, Fountain Square, Indianapolis. The second Sunday of every month.

About: Circle City Aerodrome is a steampunk group based in Indianapolis, IN. We began meeting in June of 2012 and have grown monthly from there. We are also a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting steampunk art and culture. As an Aerodrome, we are not the same as other groups as we do not travel as such, we are stationary, others come to us. The Symposium will be our first event, as a group, outside of Indiana. We intend to return home victorious.

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