Corn Island Steampunk Society

Corn_IslandIt is not truly known when exactly the Corn Island Steampunk Society was established therefore the date is set at 188?

However, Corn Island was established in 1778 during the American Revolutionary War when George Rogers Clark, his militia and 60 non-militant civilians settled on this tiny island on the Ohio River which later moved to the shorelines and became known as Louisville, Kentucky.

Being a river settlement has had it’s advantages as far as monetary and economic growth. With a riverboat life rich in the history of river culture, one may find life along the river leading to gambling halls, horse racing and the seedy establishments of the Hay Market of downtown Louisville while others may see it as a rest stop on the way to the Circle City Aerodrome of Indianapolis or the Queens City of Cincinnati with it’s League of Steam, all of which are vital parts of Midwest Steampunk Alliance.

The Corn Island Steampunk Society provides an active central hub for local as well as out-of-town Steampunk enthusiasts with monthly meetups and atleast 3 events a year.

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