H.M.S. Defiance- Royal Air Frigate (Royal Oak)

H.M.S. Defiance- Royal Air Frigate


Ben Despard- Captain
Erika Waldman- Second Lieutenant
Garrett Papow- Master Gunner
Paul Grawburg- Ships brew master
Lauren Barthauer- Librarian/researcher
Joe Usakowski- Chief Engineer
Devon Westerholm- Head Surgeon


From Royal Oak, MI
Monthly meetings at the Phoenix Cafe’s “Up in the Aether” parties in Hazel Park

Home Page- https://www.facebook.com/RAFDEFIANCE
About the Defiance: Commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1882 to combat the ever growing threat from Air Pirates and smugglers off the coast of Britannia and her world colonies, the 28 gun frigate H.M.S. Defiance set forth from its berth in Newport, England and has been patrolling the skies now for over a year. Most recently the Defiance’s missions included collaborative efforts with H.M.S. Valkyrie, and is on permanent assignment with the Detroit Aerodrome Authority to protect ports and trade routes between England and America, with occasional missions to Asia.

Encounters with other vessels have included:The Ace of Spades, The Fortunes Ember, The Imperial Anti- Piracy Squadron, The Archon and many more.