Airship Centroid (Hamilton)

Captain/Leader: Capt. Alstromeria Coine and Sir Xires Del’vasya

  •  Captain Alstromeria Coine – Captain of the Airship Centroid
  • (Danelle Null)
  • Sir Xires Del’vasya – Patron and Owner of the Airship
    (Draven Amoure)
  • Puzzle – Mechanic and Seeing-eye Cat
    (Kitty Kim)
  • Raulyn Calay – Navigator
    (Ryan Clay)
  • Scarlette Sharp – Minority Relations
    (Liz Mason)
  • Kaje Fowl – Engineer
    (Jake Sarver)
  • Darwin Redsky – Lookout
    (Montana Lukin)
A fairly new group of steampunks based in the Hamilton area. We are all about promoting the culure and going out and having a good time. We meet at least once a month, sometimes more frequently and are always looking for new members.
We meet monthly at random places in the area, no set place as of yet.