Airship Passepartout (Dayton)

symposiumlogoAirship Passepartout (pronounced “pass-par-TOO”) is a passenger airship registered out of France and generally moored in Dayton, Ohio. Its owners are Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski and Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom. The Passepartout travels wherever and whenever its paying passengers desire to go. Calamity Dawn, the airship’s mixologist and Entertainment Director, can always be found on the Lido deck making sure that all aboard are having a good time.passpartout_urbannights

Because Sir Ernest, Dr. Gintia, and Calamity Dawn are constantly striving to increase the merriment levels in their vicinity, the Passepartout has a lengthy list of crew (temporary and permanent), passengers, and passengers they call “frequent floaters.” All are welcome to come float with them. There are also floating docking facilities so other ships’ crews may enjoy a little R&R with us.

As a group, the Airship Passepartout has monthly gatherings – picnics, parties, work sessions, historic destination outings, etc. Their most popular events are the Steampunk

passpartout_symposiumtrophyStrolls at Dayton’s semi-annual Urban Nights, usually attracting over 30 steampunks from Dayton, Richmond, Cincinnati, Columbus, Franklin, etc. The group generally floats down for the splendid steampunk events that Pandora Promotions provides in Cincinnati. The Facebook page is the best way to stay current on the events:

Airship Passepartout has the honor of having won the Airship Games at the Inaugural Steampunk Empire Symposium (2012) thanks to the efforts of many crewmembers and passengers. The trophy is proudly displayed in the owners’ quarters.