Dragon’s Flight






  • Name of the airship: Dragon’s Flight
  • Name of the captain: Captain Izzy Burnham
  • Names of key crew members: Josephine¬†Dorfeuille, Fearghus “Log” Campbell
  • Location of the group: Miami Valley, Ohio
  • When and where the group meets on a regular basis: Really wherever we can.
  • A brief description of the group: A crew on the repair, we suffered a blow when my husband, the former captain, died suddenly. Most of the crew save my closest friends abandoned us. We’re currently under the employ of the Quad A Airsylum Prison Fleet.
  • Contact information: dragonsflight.izzy@gmail;
    http://www.thesteampunkempire.com/group/the-good-ship-dragon-s-flight (The Empire Page)
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