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TWO more days until the Symposium!!

Betty SES14In TWO days time the third annual Symposium will be opening its doors. Programming begins at 4pm on Friday, April 25 and Registration will be open at 1pm. If you have pre-registered, please have your legal ID and ticket receipt ready when you arrive.

One more day left to book your Afternoon Tea in the Garden, enter the Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” pin contest, and those “VERY Early Bird” 2015 Symposium tickets are getting closer to being sold out.

THREE days until the Symposium

SES14 LobbyRemember Douglas Adam’s most famous phrase, “Don’t Panic!” Many people have communicated to me that they are in the final week panic regarding costuming and packing . . . take a deep breath, count to 42, and know that the hotel has plenty of towels . . . you WILL have fun regardless of what prop or costume piece you forget to pack :)

At this time pre-reg is closed and all tickets must be bought on site:

Weekend Membership: Adult = $60 Child = $25

Friday Only Membership: Adult = $30 Child = $10

Saturday Only Membership: Adult = $40 Child = $10

Sunday Only Membership: Adult = $20 Child = $10

SES14 TeaAnother “Don’t Panic!” point regarding pre-registration. Those who purchased tickets via WePay are having difficulty printing out their tickets (it’s a long story about WePay changing their services and no longer doing events sales, so we switched to PlanetReg), but we DO have the complete list of EVERYONE who pre-registered. The most import thing that you need is your legal ID, but do also print out your email receipt if you can not print out your ticket. ALL ATTENDEES (except children) must present a legal ID to receive the correct color wristband; there are some panels that are 18+ and some events that are 21+ that require a certain color wristband to gain entry.

Two more days left to book your Afternoon Tea in the Garden, enter the Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” pin contest, and those “VERY Early Bird” 2015 Symposium tickets are getting closer to being sold out.

Last Day to Pre-Register for the Symposium

Amber SithWith only FOUR days left until the opening of the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium, TODAY is the last day to purchase your Symposium Membership at the pre-reg rate!

After today you will have to wait until Friday to purchase your tickets onsite:

Weekend Membership = $60
Adult = $60
Child = $25

Detroit SteampunksFriday Only Membership
Adult = $30
Child = $10

Saturday Only Membership
Adult = $40
Child = $10

Sunday Only Membership
Adult = $20
Child = $10

Splinter CatThere are also only three more days left to book your Afternoon Tea in the Garden, enter the Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” pin contest, and we recommend waiting until April 24th if you are going to print out your Symposium Schedule. Many attendees have already created their own customized itinerary for the weekend via online schedule. The schedule is easy to use and you can create a mobile version for your smartphone or tablet.

Madison MustacheAs of today there are still “VERY Early Bird” 2015 Symposium tickets left, but they are selling as fast as the last minute registrations for this year’s Symposium! If you still need to book a hotel room, check out the Hotel List to see more places to stay near the Symposium.

Already dreading the “post-con blues”? Cincinnati has the answer! Join The Pandora Society the following Saturday (May 3rd, 2014) for the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon . . . it’s free! :)

FIVE days left! Important Deadlines & Updates

1146618_622986144422448_673939166_nThis time next week we’ll be on day two of the Steampunk Empire Symposium MMXIV, but meanwhile we still have FIVE days left to get ready for the best Steampunk party of the year. As the countdown continues here are the important deadlines . . .

April 20th, Midnight – Last chance to
pre-register for the 2014 Symposium.

April 24th – Last day to book your Afternoon Tea in the Garden.

April 24th – The drawing for the Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” pin contest.

April 24th – The day we recommend if you are going to print your Symposium Schedule. If you have not done so already, we invite you to visit the online schedule and create your own customized itinerary for the weekend that you can carry on your smartphone or tablet.

. . . and the limited number of “VERY Early Bird” 2015 Symposium tickets are selling VERY fast!

Hotel Update – Both the host hotel, the Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, and the second hotel, the Red Roof Inn, are sold out, BUT “there is another . . . ” Several hotels within a mile of the host hotel have been added to the Hotel List along with their contact information. Our host hotel for 2015 is a bigger location and rooms will be available for booking by the middle of May (we’ll be sure to make a BIG fuss when they are ready for booking).

Pandora Society Brooks 400x400Website Change – Some of you may already be viewing this on the Pandora site, but for those viewing this post through there will be some changes after this year’s Symposium. Around the end of May will be forwarded to its own section in, a site that features ALL the events and shenanigans brought to you by The Pandora Society. Over the course of 2014 will also develop its articles and posts to bring you daily updates on Midwest counter culture, but right now . . . there’s still a few more things about the site that need tinkering . . .

SIX days until the Symposium!

CourtneyOnly SIX days until Steampunk Symposium MMXIV, but last night “VERY Early Bird” tickets for the 2015 Symposium went on sale. Some of you may already know that my birthday is on April 17th, and to celebrate this with Symposium attendees I have decided to start an annual tradition of releasing a set heavily discounted tickets to the following year’s Symposium :) This year 100 “VERY Early Bird” tickets are available until they sell out. CLICK HERE to see if any are left and save yourself $30 off a full weekend membership!

This year’s SCHEDULE is “mostly” finished, but a few changes are being made here and there. If you are planning to print your schedule we recommend waiting until April 24th to do so. Also on April 24th we  find out which three people win a pin in our Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” contest.

Only TWO DAYS remain to pre-reg for this year’s Symposium, which the cut off being midnight on April 20th; after that all tickets must be purchased onsite . . . prices HERE. Other deadlines? You have until April 23rd to purchase your Saturday Afternoon Tea.

Symposium MMXIV promises to be the BEST Steampunk Empire Symposium ever . . . and it makes sense that each year will get even better . . . so why not be amongst the lucky 100 who got their 2015 membership for just $35 :)

100 people will save $30 off 2015 Symposium tickets!

lady-clankington-photo-by-txsportspixThere’s only SEVEN days left until the opening of Symposium 2014, and there’s about 372 days until Symposium 2015, but . . .

Starting at midnight (April 17th, 2014) “VERY Early Bird” tickets to Steampunk Empire Symposium MMXV will go on sale, however, there are only 100 weekend full memberships available for the low price of $35!

Who will be the fortunate hundred people to get into the 2015 Symposium for almost half price?

CLICK HERE to see if there are any left!

Eight Days Until the Symposium!

Amber Vs. AloysiusAs of Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 we have just EIGHT days left until the start of a third year of Symposium shenanigans!

Regular programming begins at 4PM on Friday with the Welcome to the Symposium Tea Stroll, the “Jedi Vs. Borg” panel, “The Gentlemen’s Art of Backstabbing” LARP game, and the Vendor Hall will be open. The fun and larks continue through out the weekend and don’t end until Closing Ceremonies when we find out which Steampunk Boba Fett won the Bounty Hunter Charity Showdown, who won what raffle prize, AND which Airship managed to accrue the most victories in the Symposium Games to leave with the Symposium Games MMXIV Trophy and four badges to next year’s Symposium. To learn more about the schedule and make your own personal mobile app, check out the Online Symposium Schedule . . . remember, we are going paperless this year.

SES14 Pins

Steampunk Symposium MMXIV pins designed by Christopher Boll.

On Symposium Friday, Registration will be open at 1PM. When checking in, please bring a legal ID and a copy of your ticket receipt sent either from WePay or PlanetReg. If you pre-ordered Symposium Pins and t-shirts, these can be collected from The Pandora Society Store next to Registration. While some t-shirts will still be for sale at the Pandora Store, the pins were only available as a pre-order, BUT we will be giving away one of each design with our Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” contest that begins today. Check out our Facebook event page to learn how you can win a pin.