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Curiosities Exhibit Update!

FallingMemorandum: Re: Curiously Small Things

Body of message:

This year all Artifact Registration will be done on site on the first day of the Symposium. The Curiosities Exhibit room will be opened at 1:30 on Friday, April 25th for registration only. Registration of Artifacts will continue until 6:30 that evening. Later this week the registration form will be posted on this site. Registrants are welcome to print out a copy and fill it out in advance, or they may wait until they come to register their artifact and then fill it out.  Priority for placement of artifacts will be given to the Artifacts registered for the Games. Airship Affiliated Artifacts will be given a number, as we did last year. Non-Games related artifacts will be displayed with the name of the artist/maker.

Voting for the Games will take place from opening on Saturday the 26th until close of business Saturday evening. On Sunday the 27th the Exhibit will open as normal and Artists/Makers may come and remove their artifacts at their leisure. During this time the Exhibit will remain open for viewing.

As we did last year the Curious Staff and a Secret Judge will choose a Best In Show. Best In Show will receive a special award. We will also give out small awards for Most Amusing Thing and Most Mind-blowing We Can’t Believe They Made This Thing.

Please see our previous article  to refresh your memories on the categories and rules this year.

We look forward to seeing what there is to see!


The Airship Curiosity Presents: The Steampunk Empire Symposium’s Curiosities Exhibit!

FallingThis year the Curiosities Exhibit decided to take to the Aether! We purchased a small, gently used, but nicely appointed airship and dubbed her Curiosity! My crew, along with our new pilot – the mysterious Cpt. Phineas Phunderbyrg, has scoured the world(s) looking for new and exciting things to showcase. We ran into a snag in Kuala Lampur when we realized our multi-dimensional space-folding cargo system was on the fritz. So after some careful (re: panicked) thinking a decision was made that for this year we would focus on only smaller items.

This leads me to this year’s theme! Small Things! This year the Curiosities Exhibit will focus on all things smaller than a breadbox… yes, including unusual breadboxes. (There will be some leeway for items not too much bigger than a breadbox, but let’s not go overboard, shall we?)

Now that part you have all been waiting for: the categories!

1. Original Steampunk Sidearms

2. Modified Steampunk Sidearms (NERF, etc.)

(Note: Sidearms only please. No rifles or BFGs will be accepted this year.)

3. Wearable Steampunk: Goggles, bracers, smaller bustles and corsets, etc.

4. Steampunk Toys: tops, dolls, miniature furniture, toy cars, etc.

5. Functional Steampunk: iPod speakers, cell phone cases, tea kettles, clocks, anything that has a use beyond looking cool. Bonus if it actually works.

6. Items of Tiny Unknown Origins: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above and fit within our breadbasket rule.

BL-elect-cabinetIf you need a display stand, please bring your own. We will do what we can, as always, but our own supplies are limited. As we did last year each Registrant w. an affiliated airship will receive a number. Unaffiliated entrants will be displayed with their names. In all cases the staff will have the information of who owns what. If a builder or maker wishes to sell their item they can let us know and we will indicate it. Should someone wish to purchase an item they should ask the staff for the contact information and then the maker and buyer can discuss the sale in private.

The crew of the Airship Curiosity looks forward to docking at the Symposium this year and seeing what you have to offer! Bring us your unusuals, your exquisites, and your whatchamacallits!

Curiosities Exhibit update

The Curiosities Exhibit wil bel open for Artifact Registration on Friday from 1:30PM until 7:45PM. After that we will not accept further registrations. AMENDMENT: We will open Saturday morning at 9:00am for last minute entries. at 9:45 sharp we will close the doors again. Voting begins at 10:00 am when we open to the public and no further entries for the Airship Games will be allowed. Unaffiliated entries after that time will be considered on a case by case basis depending on available space.

The Curiosities Exhibit will open to the general public at 10AM Saturday morning and close at 8PM.

Airship Captains: Please ensure that your chosen entries are registered during the listed time frame.

Individual Entries: Artifacts belonging to unaffiliated Makers/Artisans will be accepted at the same time and with the same provisions as Airship entries.

Once an Artifact is registered an Airship may not recruit that item into their entries, even if they recruit the Maker. In other words, recruit first, then register the Artifact. I will not make any exceptions to this rule.

Curiosities Exhibit Update – Provenances

To: Makers, Creators, Artificers, and Crafters

Subject: Provenance

Message Follows:

All individuals entering items into the Curiosities Exhibit have the option of providing the Director of Curiosities the provenance of your object. The Director will ensure that all such will be distributed to the Curious Docents for dissemination to the public. If the history of your object is too shrouded in mystery to have a proper provenance feel free to devise one. There will be an award granted to the most entertaining provenance.

That is all.

-Calamity Dawn, Director of Curiosities


Curiosities Exhibition Update

FallingThe Symposium draws nearer and nearer still. Steampunks everywhere are working diligently on costumes and props. Some of those props may well find a temporary home in the Curiosities Exhibit.

To refresh your memory please click the link below.


As promised I bring you the registration form for this years Exhibit! Print it out, fill it and bring it with you to the convention. Or, if you’d rather, email it to


Steampunk empire Symposium 2013

Curiosities Exhibit Artifact Registration Form




Contact Information (Cell #):_____________________________

Categories:  (Please put a check next to the category you are submitting an Artifact to.)

Goggles: ___

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Sidearms: ___

Nerf (or similar plastic toy) Large Weapon: ___

Original Sidearms: ___

Original Large Weapons: ___

B.F.G. (Big Frakkin’ Guns): ___

Wearables (backpacks, bracers, hats/helmets, etc.): ___

Item of Mysterious Origin (anything not covered above): ___

Please check this line if you wish your Artifact to be handled by the Public: ______

I, __________________________________________ (please print your legal name), hereby stipulate that the Steampunk Empire Symposium and Pandora Promotions, LLC, will not be held liable in the event my submission(s) are damaged or stolen.

Signed: (Legal Name)___________________________

Date: ___________________________

Welcome to the Curiosities Exhibit!

Welcome to the Curiosities Exhibit!

The Curiosities Exhibit will return to the 2013 Steampunk Empire Symposium! Last year the exhibit was instrumental in securing the win for Airship Passepartout at the Airship Games. This year the Airships will have even more chances to secure points for themselves.

There will be a few changes to the Curiosities Exhibit this year. First of all, we will allow Airships to submit up to 3 items per category. (There is one exception to this, which addressed further down.) That means if your Airship has three pairs of goggles you may submit them. Last year we of the Curious Staff felt bad that some items had to be turned away because their Airship had already entered a submission. This new guideline should alleviate some of that.

We have also changed the voting method. Instead of one big ballot, we will have boxes for each category along with slips of paper. Each category will be color coded and each item in the category will have their own unique number. Voters will write the number of the item they wish to vote for on the appropriately colored slip of paper and put it into the box assigned to that category. We hope this will make things a little easier on the staff when it comes to tally time. (We will have to do a lot of counting, but we are prepared to make that sacrifice for you!)

In addition to items submitted for the Airship Games we will be having a space set aside for individuals wishing to display their work, without having to enter it into the Games. Those people will be given a ticket for their item. They may retrieve that item at any time they wish. In other words, if you have, say, a giant Time Travelling Backpack that you just want to show off when you’re not using it, feel free to drop it off. We’ll take good care of it.

Also, this year there will be a bonus category: Best of Show. This is not part of the Games. Best of Show will be chosen by the Curious Staff and a specially chosen Guest (that person will be chosen at a later time and will not be announced until the award is given.) As this category is not part of the Games it is open to anyone. We will select the winner from all submissions, not just from the ones that win in their category.

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for! What are the categories this year? They are:

1. Modified Nerf (or similar) Sidearms

2. Modified Nerf (or similar) Large Weapons

3. Original Sidearms

4. Original Large Weapons

5. B.F.G. (Big Frakkin’ Guns): This would be your air/ground/sea to air/ground/sea weapons, cannons and so forth. This Category is limited to one item per Airship because of space reasons.

6. Goggles

7. Wearables (backpacks, hats, helmets, bracers, etc…)

8. Items of Mysterious Origins (these are items that do not fit into any of the other categories.)

So, there you have it, a new and improved Curiosities Exhibition! As the date of the Symposium draws closer there will be updates regarding pre-registration of items and more.