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Curiosities Exhibit Update – Provenances

To: Makers, Creators, Artificers, and Crafters

Subject: Provenance

Message Follows:

All individuals entering items into the Curiosities Exhibit have the option of providing the Director of Curiosities the provenance of your object. The Director will ensure that all such will be distributed to the Curious Docents for dissemination to the public. If the history of your object is too shrouded in mystery to have a proper provenance feel free to devise one. There will be an award granted to the most entertaining provenance.

That is all.

-Calamity Dawn, Director of Curiosities


Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : White Pavilion Clothiers

Today we start our Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor spotlight! Each week we will take a look at some of the vendors that will be part of our show. We have great vendors this year that I can’t wait to show you. Each one will tempt your wallets!

White Pavilion Clothiers


“It’s clothing – not just costume.”

At White Pavilion, we understand that, for you to look your best, the clothing we provide has to look and feel natural. We not only strive to give you the perfect fit, but also well-crafted, sturdy garments of materials carefully chosen for a historically authentic look. Our philosophy is that you should be the main attraction, not what you’re wearing – and if we’ve done our job right, your ensemble will look so natural that your persona will shine. This has been our goal since our founding in 1990.

While we specialize in Medieval and Renaissance clothing, we are a design company capable of creating costumes from any era, as well as fantasy originals and movie reproductions. Our clients include celebrities, film and theater companies, religious orders and traditional organizations, street performers, and event planners (particularly for weddings). Virtually all of our products are handmade by our seamstresses and craftspeople in the USA, and are guaranteed. You will find companies with more products, but none with fairer prices, better workmanship, or a greater commitment to service than White Pavilion.

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