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Myke Amend & Bethalynne Bajema – Vendor Profile


“The Tower” by Bethalynne Bajema

Myke Amend and Bethalynne Bajema are a creative duo who work their surrealist magics in the weird-tales and strange fiction vein, and are known for creating album covers, book cover and other works for some of Steampunk’s best known musicians, authors, and magazines.

Both have been guest artists at the Steampunk Empire Symposium, Myke in 2012, and Bethalynne in 2013. One of Myke’s most popular paintings “The Rescue” was commissioned for Abney Park and features their infamous pirate airship.


“Desert Shadows” by Myke Amend







See more of Myke Amend’s art at his site, and more of Bethalynne Bajema’s work at her site.

Creative Kender Press – Vendor Profile

Kender DragonWhen we are little, we are encouraged to believe in fairy tales, princesses, goblins, castles and dragons. Somewhere along the line, we are told that we have to “grow up”. We are told that believing in these things is childish; that they are fake, and therefore a waste of our time. We move on, go to school, get jobs and leave these fantasies behind us to join the adult world. Kelly Schierer argues that just because we grow up does not mean we have to stop believing in our fantasies. By embracing our imagination we can briefly escape reality and the stresses and obstacles put in our way by everyday life. It is curious that those who believe they see dragons, are usually, those who believe they can.

Kelly SchiererKelly Schierer was raised in Crescent Springs, Ky. She received a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking from Northern Kentucky University. Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as the Carnegie in Covington, KY. Her work has also been repeatedly accepted into many juried art shows at fantasy and sci-fi conventions. She enjoys selling work at these conventions and plans to continue to do so well into the future. See more of her work at

Highwind Steamworks – Vendor Profile

Highwind Banner

At Highwind Steamworks, we create unique items of jewelry, leatherwork, goggles, accessories and props. Most of our items incorporate vintage and antique parts, and all are made with quality components. Our jewelry only uses Swarovski, semi-precious or precious stones, and every piece, no matter how big or small, has been handmade by us and we stand by our work.

See more fine Highwind Steamworks products at their Etsy Store.

Steam Wars PatchesHighwinds Belt


Cogbots – Vendor Profile

Cogbots_Logo_01_small_transAchooGearology is the study of all things gear related, and we are your Gearologist guides. If you have ever wanted to build something with gears- be it for art or just tinkering with some wacky machine we are your place to get started. Design and cutting gears is painstaking, tedious work. We take care of the hard painful part, so you can spend your time creating. By providing a low cost entry point with our gear bricks, we hope to increase the number of people making their own creations.

Cogbots is owned by Dave and Nan Braun, both dedicated Makers and Steampunk Fans. Not only do they enjoy creating their own art- especially Kinetic Art , they also love to help other people design and build cool things. They believe that we are all capable of being dreamers, designers and makers. By making functional yet aesthetic gears, Cogbots is doing the hardest part of the making and freeing others up to build.

Lean more about Cogbots at

Symposium Champion – Claudius Van Der Graffe

Claude 1Claudius Van Der Graffe has won the Dirigible Races two years in a row, 2012 and 2013, and in 2013 he also gain victory for best airship design.

Claudius has always been a crafter and a tinkerer, but it was around 2008 when his wife told him that what he was doing actually had a name . . . Steampunk! He considers his best skill to be observation, ”by that I mean the ability to look at an item or acquire a bit knowledge and apply it to a project sometimes years later.” Many are eager to see what modifications Van Der Graffe has made to his airship for 2013; “I am very much looking forward to my THIRD airship race win!” Back in 2012 he was actually surprised at his victory for the Circle City Aerodrome, “to be honest , I felt a sense of relief ! I had a goofy idea, little experience, and a limited budget.” Claudius just wanted  to see his airship fly and go (for the most part) where he wanted. His victory “just made me want to do this more and get better.”

Claude 2At first , Claudius was against having the Games at the Symposium, “I was afraid that it might diminish the spirit of camaraderie that we find in steampunk. I am pleased to admit I was wrong.” For newcomers to the Symposium he advices, “don’t take them too seriously, sign up and have fun. After all, Steampunk is a participatory fandom!”

Curiosities Exhibit Update!

FallingMemorandum: Re: Curiously Small Things

Body of message:

This year all Artifact Registration will be done on site on the first day of the Symposium. The Curiosities Exhibit room will be opened at 1:30 on Friday, April 25th for registration only. Registration of Artifacts will continue until 6:30 that evening. Later this week the registration form will be posted on this site. Registrants are welcome to print out a copy and fill it out in advance, or they may wait until they come to register their artifact and then fill it out.  Priority for placement of artifacts will be given to the Artifacts registered for the Games. Airship Affiliated Artifacts will be given a number, as we did last year. Non-Games related artifacts will be displayed with the name of the artist/maker.

Voting for the Games will take place from opening on Saturday the 26th until close of business Saturday evening. On Sunday the 27th the Exhibit will open as normal and Artists/Makers may come and remove their artifacts at their leisure. During this time the Exhibit will remain open for viewing.

As we did last year the Curious Staff and a Secret Judge will choose a Best In Show. Best In Show will receive a special award. We will also give out small awards for Most Amusing Thing and Most Mind-blowing We Can’t Believe They Made This Thing.

Please see our previous article  to refresh your memories on the categories and rules this year.

We look forward to seeing what there is to see!


Registered Remote Control Dirigibles


This is an update on the list of registered Remote Control Dirigibles that will be providing us with sport, entertainment and thrills during the symposium, specifically at the Dirigible Races event.

We currently have 6 definite entries into the Dirigible races and/or design competition across 4 groups.

The League of Cincinnati Steampunks, The Clan of Teks, Her Majesty’s Airship Omnipotent of the glorious Unspeakable Empire of Cheviot, and The Airship Passpartout will have RC Dirigibles at the Symposium. Will YOUR group be entering a dirigible? Below is the list of transmitter types and frequencies we currently have registered for the races:

There are two 2.4 ghz transmitters (registered by Clan of Teks and Airship Omnipotent)
There are two Infra Red (IR) transmitters (registered by Airship Omnipotent)
There is one 27mhz transmitter (registered by Airship Passpartout)
There is one 49mhz transmitter (registered by The League of Cincinnati Steampunks)

It is important to note that RC vehicles that run on 2.4 ghz transmitters do NOT usually interfere with each other. The same goes for Infra Red (IR) transmitters, so if you have the choice, when you build your Dirigibles, try to find “powerplants” that use these two types of transmitters.

There are also may be other flying vehicles brought along that do not fit under the Dirigible races specifications, but that will nonetheless be cool to have flying around the symposium air field. (ornithopters, gliders, etc) If you are going to bring these kinds of things, and they are remote controlled, please let me know your transmitter type and frequency as well, we don’t want any of them interfering with the dirigible races.

There is already one such non dirigible flying contraption registered that runs 49 Mhz.

If you will be bringing a remote control flying machine to the Symposium, and if you want to enter a Dirigible into the races or design competion, please contact me on Facebook or via email  (caelyn_8 (at) to register your RC flying machines. Make sure to mention “RC Dirigible Races” in the title of your email.

Thank You,
Caelyn Nagle of the Clan of Teks,
Dirigible Races Organizer for the Steampunk Empire Symposium.