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Pop Hayden’s Post-Modern Medicine Show

The legendary Pop Hayden has an indiegogo fundraising campaign underway to create a regularly scheduled monthly show at some of California’s beautiful old vaudeville theaters! The campaign, as of today, has 29 days left, but we should let Pop Hayden himself explain.

I’m Pop Haydn, a magician and comedian in Los Angeles. My company and I have been working on Pop Haydn’s Post-Modern Medicine Show for the last four years, and have had a number of successful productions. The pitch video is from our show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Our goal is to create a regularly scheduled monthly show at some of California’s beautiful old vaudeville theaters. We will present variety acts within an old-time medicine show completely re-imagined for the 21st Century.

We are a group of performers who embrace Old Time Music and live variety entertainment that is family-friendly and set at an enjoyable pace with lots of audience participation. We believe in a pleasurable, easy-going style delivered with wit and substance.

The money raised in this campaign will be used for set design and props, and for theater rental, advertising, insurance and other necessities. Once in production, the show should be self-sustaining, which means the amount we need is very small.

I am the con man impresario and medicine show pitchman who runs the show, accompanied by a four piece band led by Dave Bourne with five unique variety acts featured in each production.

Live variety entertainment offers a chance for audiences to make their own fun, and participate in the music and the acts on stage. We want to create a show that tickles the imagination and encourages the audience to become involved with the story of the show, and to come to our performances dressed in costume. We like a raucous crowd with lots of give and take. We are here to play!

The Pop Haydn Medicine Show is the cure for the 21st Century!

Get all the details, support and follow the campaigns progress here.