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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : SteampunkFunk Bizarre

SteampunkFunkSteampunkFunk Bizarre, come peruse their shop during the Symposium.

Neo-Victorians, water and airship pirates/privateers, jungle explorers, scientists (mad or otherwise), railroad engineers/ conductors and crews, open road motorists, goths, vamps, vikings and all time travelers will find a varied selection of goods (many hand crafted) for almost every need or want:
designer and hand-crafted jewelry and leathers, skeletal pocket chronometers, airship/ nautical/piratical and time-traveler devices are available.  Hand wrought redefined weaponry, individually designed Armageddon Goggles, respirators, gas masks the likes of which you’ve never seen will be yours for the asking.

For the fashion conscious, you’ll find individually designed top hats, Wellingtons, John Bulls,  and other head gear in satin, velvet, leather and suede.  Ladies hats, too, from the austere to the sublime!  Exclusive, hand-made beaded bags and leather courier cases for all to carry, feather fans, battenburg lace parisols… the list of items goes on and on….

Unusual commercially wrought/hand augmented designer jewelry, the plundered rewards of victory over commerce, will also be offered.