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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Tracie Jean Photo

Tracie Jean Photo


Tracie Jean Photo sees the world in frames, beautiful frames of forever. Each moment enclosed in its own eternity, burnt on a page, tattooed on the eye and hung perfectly in the hallowed halls of this CAMazing life. A picture can laugh, cry, love, be proud, humble or curious and that’s alot for some ink and paper.

A multi-tasker by nature, you’ll see me adjusting lighting, positioning subjects and perfecting details (and maybe in between, sipping on a latte). But, don’t worry…your moments will still be your moments because I have a way of blending in. I’ll just make sure you can always remember them!

So come dressed in your finest Steampunk wear and have a beautiful photo taken by Tracie Jean Photo right in our vending hall!

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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Frank & Steele

Frank & Steele





Frank & Steele are purveyors of unique incidentals, artificers of wondrous makings. They create finely crafted fanciful adornments for Steampunk wear – from gears to medals and so much more.

Check out all the different gears you can get on the website!

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : CaelynTek Mercantile

Seal_Clan_of_Teks_smallCaelynTek Mercantile is the clearing house for the various Steampunk items found, modified or created by Caelyn and fellow citizens of the Clan of Teks. The Clan has been sending out technology and salvage scouts for quite some time, and those items that aren’t needed by the Clan of Teks themselves get put on the market to help fund further projects.

Products you can expect to see on the block are: Shiny Steampunked toy guns, A plethora of goggles in varying styles, miscellaneous Steampunk converted accoutrements, leather products, glass flasks and antique or antique styled found items, all at fair prices.

CaelynTek Mercantile Website

CaelynTek Mercantile on Etsy (Items not sold at the Symposium will be listed on Etsy)

The Clan of Teks on Facebook


Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Goblin Road

GoblinRoadWe are excited to have Goblin Road with us! Their items are always a delight.

Fresh from their latest adventure in the mysterious uncharted wilds, Robert and Rebecca Turk of Goblin Road descend upon Cincinnati with strange creations and brand new designs. Luxurious masks hand cut from the hide of the exotic land dwelling Bovinae Bos and gorgeously painted in both classical and steampunk styles are always a dashing accessory to any gentleman’s wardrobe; but now they offer an expanded selection befitting the finest of ladies as well. Unique crafted gifts and sculptures from far flung and forgotten tribes of primitive mankind and other beings will be on display. And let us not forget the limited edition and highly squish-able minions of a goblin-esque variety that often seem to lurk about their wares in search of new and saner employment. Stop by and peruse their fine wares, spread the news of your own magnificent travels, and take home something wonderful.

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Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Nautilus Salvage Company

Nautilus Salvage Company 

Our fleet of submersibles, sailing ships and airships traverse the earth in search of salvage from shipwrecks, ancient civilisations and forgotten lost worlds. We return what was once mislaid, forgotten or lost and we infused new life and new purpose into our Resurrected Bounty.We ourselves were once lost and forgotten in the annals of time until our beloved Nautilus was rediscovered and reclaimed by Captain the Rev. Julian Arkane. Our crewe is the Brethren of the Dark Coast ~ we are vampyrates, spirits, lycans and shapeshifters, Cajun faeries, ghosts, gypsies and Roma, the undead, fallen angels, all manner of creatures of dark fantasies, and those who protect them and the seas. We welcome all.Come visit us often … our bounty arrives with the tides and airstreams.Check out their Facebook page!


Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : Candles by Jenni

candles_by_jenniCandles By Jenni

Candles by Jenni makes hand made soaps and soy candles.  Since everything is hand made we take custom orders for different fragrances and colors if you have any requests. We make custom fragrances that you will not find anywhere else. Our products are unique from most and we take pride in our product. If you are looking for that gift that is different from anything you can find in the stores, Candles by Jenni is the place to find it.

There is rumor that Candles by Jenni will be featuring new soap shapes at the Symposium – keep an eye out in the booth for Octopi!

Candles by Jenni’s website

Steampunk Empire Symposium Vendor Spotlight : SteampunkFunk Bizarre

SteampunkFunkSteampunkFunk Bizarre, come peruse their shop during the Symposium.

Neo-Victorians, water and airship pirates/privateers, jungle explorers, scientists (mad or otherwise), railroad engineers/ conductors and crews, open road motorists, goths, vamps, vikings and all time travelers will find a varied selection of goods (many hand crafted) for almost every need or want:
designer and hand-crafted jewelry and leathers, skeletal pocket chronometers, airship/ nautical/piratical and time-traveler devices are available.  Hand wrought redefined weaponry, individually designed Armageddon Goggles, respirators, gas masks the likes of which you’ve never seen will be yours for the asking.

For the fashion conscious, you’ll find individually designed top hats, Wellingtons, John Bulls,  and other head gear in satin, velvet, leather and suede.  Ladies hats, too, from the austere to the sublime!  Exclusive, hand-made beaded bags and leather courier cases for all to carry, feather fans, battenburg lace parisols… the list of items goes on and on….

Unusual commercially wrought/hand augmented designer jewelry, the plundered rewards of victory over commerce, will also be offered.